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Who We Are 

The Princess Gabo Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to making a positive impact in maternal and infant care.

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To improve food security and achieve better health outcomes among mothers and infants, with a focus on underserved African communities. 


Our vision is to create a future where every mother, newborn, and child in Africa receives the highest standard of maternal, reproductive, and infant care. We envision a continent where families are healthy, resilient, and thriving, with access to quality healthcare and support while building a reproductive, maternal, and child health-conscious society.

Our Story

The Princess Gabo Foundation was founded in 2015 by Kgosi (Chief) Gabo Moroka at the Barolong-Boo-Seleka Nation in Thaba Nchu, South Africa. Kgosi's commitment to this cause was driven by a series of traumatic experiences, including surviving an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, caring for a fragile baby and sterilising at a young age as a preventative measure. Kgosi Moroka's experiences strengthened her passion for maternal and infant well-being.


The Princess Gabo Foundation, under the leadership of Kgosi Gabo Moroka, was born from a deeply personal journey marked by adversity, resilience, and a profound sense of purpose. It stands as a testament to her enduring passion for maternal and infant health, and her unwavering commitment to providing support, care, and advocacy to mothers and infants.

Khuduga Ya Bana

Strategic Partner

The Princess Gabo Foundation believes in partnering with other like-minded organisations to maximise its impact and  achieve its mission. The PGF has partnered with Khuduga Ya Bana, recognising the shared commitment to youth and fostering community development. Khuduga  Ya Bana is founded by Dawn Moloabi. The primary goal of Khuduga Ya Bana is to empower the youth by equipping them with adequate tools and opportunities to thrive. 

Our Partners

The Princess Gabo Foundation collaborates closely with a network of local healthcare facilities, NGOs and partners with Ministries of Health to deliver no-cost maternal and infant healthcare to the most vulnerable communities.
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The Rural Development Trust


University of Free State

Central University of Technology

The Society of Midwives South Africa

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